Special Financial Relief Programme (SFRP)

Working together with the MAS, the SFRP is aimed at helping our households and companies tide over this crisis as Covid-19 increasingly impacts the economy of Singapore.

The SFRP has ended on 30 September 2021. If you require further support, please contact your bank to discuss relief measures and other forms of assistance, such as loan restructuring, that you may need.

Customers should get in touch with their banks to understand in greater detail how they may benefit from the Programme, with the contact information below. Please do NOT visit your bank branches unless you have to, and maintain social distancing if you do.

The SFRP covers consumer mortgages and unsecured credit, as well as SME loans, and is intended to help our customers through their temporary shortfall in household income and business revenues caused by this crisis situation. We urge everyone to be prudent with their finances during this period.

Borrowers should bear in mind that repayment deferments and tenure extensions will result in higher total interest costs over the course of the loan. Borrowers should defer repayments only if they need to.