Media Release: SC-STS Outlines Role of Fallback Rate Arrangements for SOR Derivatives
01 September 2020

Media Release: Joint Industry Consultation on the SIBOR Reform and a Shift to a SORA-centered SGD Interest Rate Market
29 July 2020

Media Release: Singapore Makes Significant Progress in Preparing for the SOR to SORA Transition
29 June 2020

Media Release: SC-STS Welcomes Launch of Central Clearing for SORA Derivatives
19 May 2020

Media Release: Industry Steering Committee Sets Out Key Priorities to Achieve Smooth Transition to SORA
19 March 2020

Media Release: ABS-SFEMC consults on the roadmap for transition of interest rate benchmarks: From SOR to SORA
30 August 2019

Media Release: MAS sets up steering committee to drive the interest rate benchmark transition from SOR to SORA
30 August 2019


Media Release: OCBC extends first SORA-based loan in energy sector to Sembcorp Industries
20 October 2020

Media Release: Olam secures Singapore’s first SORA-pegged club loan of SGD200 million with DBS and ICBC
28 September 2020

Media Release: UOB collaborates with CapitaLand on Singapore’s first dual tranche SORA-SOFR loan
03 September 2020

Media Release: DBS launches Singapore’s first SORA-pegged business property mortgage loan
03 September 2020

Media Release: Wilmar and DBS ink Singapore’s first SORA-based loan for the agribusiness industry
27 August 2020

Media Release: OCBC Bank's new 3M Compounded SORA for Home Loans
18 August 2020

MAS Announces Key Initiatives to Support SORA Adoption
05 August 2020

OCBC Bank launches Singapore's first SORA-based home loan
13 July 2020

OCBC Bank partners CapitaLand on Singapore’s first SORA-based loan
16 June 2020

DBS Bank Ltd. prices the market’s first Singapore Overnight Rate Average (SORA)-referenced Notes
06 May 2020

OCBC Bank and Standard Chartered complete Singapore’s first Overnight Indexed Swap (OIS) trade based on the Singapore Overnight Rate Average (SORA)
14 November 2019